Heat Insulation System For Cool Roof System

SealCool MC

  • -1 Part, Water Based, High Performance, Micro-Ceramic, Heat Insulation and Waterproofing System.
  • – To supply and apply 3 coats of SEALCOOL MC, water based, high performance, Micro-Ceramic, heat insulation and waterproofing system at a rate of 0.4 liter/m2/coat, onto clean and honeycomb-free concrete surface, in accordance to the manufacturer (Green To Go Urbanscape) specification and instructions

SealFlex XPS

  • hard type extruded polystyrene thermal insulating product made of polystyrene combining with additives using extrusion method.
  • excellent thermal insulating material
  • high compression strength, low coefficient of thermal conductivity, low water absorption rate, low vapor permeance

Water absorption rate <0.35%, smaller than any other hard type thermal insulating materials. Able to maintain high insulation performance even in contact with moisture long period of time



SEALFLEX XPS is ideal for use in application where the insulation is place directly behind the casting. 25mm thickness able to achieve Rvalue of 0.89m2 K/W and 50mm, Rvalue at 1.79m2 K/W; High R-value equal to increased energy efficiency.


SEALFLEX XPS closed cell structure insure greater resistance to moisture absorption and one of the lowest water vapor permeability rating compare to other insulation material. We offer good prevention and provides solid backup for roofing membrane. SEALFLEX XPS provides good energy efficiency in protected and flat deck single-ply roofing systems both for newly and reroofing applications. Light weight rigid foam panels make the product east to handle and install and add little to the overall roof weight


SEALFLEX XPS can be use under the slab and often be the highly cost effectively choice. It can be handle easily due to the light weight which able to assist in labour cost saving and high compression strength for many slab requirements.



SEALFLEX XPS saves energy by holding back heat transmission. Since the product is highly resistant to moisture, it will not lose its thermal resistance value over years.


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