Protective Coating : SealProof

1 Part Water-based Tripolymer Anti Carbonation Coating

  • Cures to form a tough, flexible, colored, waterproof protective membrane.
  • Primarily used for the protection og walls, concrete facades, bridge parapets, balconies, columns, beams, against carbonation of concrete.
Application Area /Usage :
i) RC Roof decks
ii) Balconies and terraces
iii) Concrete repair
iv) Bridges, soffits, wing walls


Advantages :
i) Elastomeric – capable of bridging cracks.
ii) Easily applied by roller, brush or airless spray.
iii) Provides barrier against salts and atmospheric gases
iv) U.V stable maintains its appearance.

1 Part Water-based Anti Corrosion Coating For Steel and Re-bar

SealPrime ACT is best applied on properly cleaned and prepared ferrous metal surfaces in 2 or more thin coats depending on the condition of the substrate and the service requirements. The primed surfaces can later be top-coated with any SealFlex ACPU, SealFlex AC, Liquid Membrane Systems or other suitable top coat systems.

Application Area / Usage :
i) Metal roofs (new construction & refurbishment)
ii) Reinforcement bars protection.
iii) Any steel structures, marine/offshore environment.


Advantages :
i) Provide multiple layers of defence against corrosion.
ii) Tough and durable.
iii) Strong adhesion, homogenous to steel substrate.
iv) 1 part, easy application, fast cured.


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